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Sleeping Quetzal

A 2022 shortlisted design award by IDEA. Sleeping Quetzal is a lighting pendant, conceptualised in the moment of a mighty and elegant snake resting on a log. Evoking tranquility and fluidity through a metaphorical and literal light reflection.


The body is a water-cut and precisely bent brass sheet, polished on the inside so the light can bounce from one side to the other. The outer layer is covered by a cactus-based biomaterial alternative to animal skin (leather) born in Mexico. As a result a beautiful and warm pendant from the inside out. 


Delicately rested in a LED tube with 360 lightbeam. LED operates in cold conditions, with no heat or UV emission, keeping the material safe and giving it a long lifespan.


Body:  Brass metal sheet

Overlay:  Cactus Leather (customisable colour) 

Lightsource:  360 LED light-beam tube.


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Cactus Leather

Is a cactus-based biomaterial alternative to animal skin (leather) born in Mexico, that contributes to the recovery of biodiversity and enrichment of soil micro-flora and micro-fauna through native and typical organic cactus afforestation.

The innovation allows for huge savings in water as no irrigation is applied, energy savings and a carbon-negative farming process with 8,100 tons of CO2 absorbed by the plantations annually while only emitting 15.30 tons at farming stages. What's more, cactus is left unharmed to enable repeated harvesting from the same plant, and the environment is also protected as no agrochemicals are used like herbicides or pesticides.

This innovation expands the economic benefits of the region and the people involved in the Opuntia-Ficus indica farms by creating conditions for economic development to thrive in harmony with the environment and society.

​Height:  51.5cm (20.25in)

Width152cm (60in)

Depth:  7cm (2.75in)

Hanging length:  Adjustable height cable up to 300cm (118in)

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