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The Banjar indigenous community live in a small village nestled in the vast lush forests and rice fields of South Eastern Borneo. These fish traps (’Sarakap’) are hand woven by a dedicated father and son team.


The Fish Trap Lighting was born from the intention to honour the work and heritage of the artisan in Borneo. The circular light and the pendant float independently, accentuating the mysterious depths of life in the remote regions of Borneo. There is a playful symmetry between the fish traps' traditional function and as modern lighting, whereby the moon-like light is being caught inside the cage like a fish once was.

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Pendant:  Hand-knotted rattan with bamboo 

Lamp:  Black aluminum and steel body

Lighting:  200mm Frosted glass sphere, G9 globe.

(Due to the nature of the piece, its origin, its technique and materials, the dimensions may vary slightly with some inconsistencies in the knots and colour)


​Height (body):  74cm (29in)

Diameter (body)41cm (16in)

Hanging length:  Adjustable height cable up to 118in / 300cm

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